About Mike

 Mike has spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry as a leader in hospital operations, leadership training and development, sales, talent management, and executive search. He has interviewed thousands of leaders, successfully placed 100’s of leaders, and trained 1000’s more to live and lead into their full potential as a leader.

Mike's leadership was tested and honed while serving in the United States Army as a US Army Soldier/Officer. Building on this experience and success Mike has become a leading Founding Partner on the world-renowned John C Maxwell Team as a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, and with this extensive leadership experience, Mike offers the services, training, coaching, and assessment tools to move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

He is a committed family man with over 28 years of marriage. He has been gifted with a son and daughter. He has coached on the baseball field, led men at church, and has been a leader in the community offering men’s equipping programs at local schools and community events.

Mike's services include leadership and executive coaching, behavioral assessments, and leadership development for new and emerging leaders and the season leadership professional, as well as helping build Human Resources internal recruitment practices.

Mike is a Podcaster and publisher of The Lead Up Podcast, a co-host on The John Maxwell Team Transformational Leader Podcast, and is a Faculty member on the John Maxwell Team.